November 10, 2011

squirrel cage


This is the HVAC blower motor and fan from a GMC. I'd always heard the fan called a squirrel cage. Now I know why. I've also heard it called a hamster wheel, but I never found evidence of a hamster... though I did find a mouse once.

August 27, 2011

damn the Swedes

picture from 1998 volvo service manual


June 13, 2011

"buy american" or "keep your GM car all GM"

windshield washer pump for Suburban

It's not just GM
I see this kind of thing all the time, but it is (or was) usually Canada, Brazil or Mexico... which could be considered in America (north, south or central)

If your 17 digit VIN number starts with a one, your vehicle was assembled in The United States of America.

after cut/paste and read the above site, know my 1990 Civic VIN starts with a 4 but the sticker on the original radiator brace read MFG BY HONDA OF CANADA

if someone has a more accurate list of VIN MFG codes please let me know.

(edit: oops. I was wrong... my VIN starts with a 2 - Canada it is)

May 10, 2011


customer at work today... Jeep Cherokee


I wanted to put a yellow smiley face on my old '77 dodge van, but i never got around to it.

For those interested, that jack o'lantern is painted on the rear differential cover which is affectionately known as the rear pumpkin cover by some automotive enthusiasts. The mole on his left cheek is a rubber plug for checking/filling the fluid level. That's a big mole. He should have that checked.

January 28, 2011

Turbo Buick


I did a brake booster swap on this today by customer request. I changed it from the factory electric brake assist booster to a vacuum assist booster.

1987 Buick Regal Grand National Turbo FI V6. 60,000 miles. This thing is still worth more than your almost new Lexus.

March 15, 2010


I took this pic (pre-crop) w/ my phone camera at work today and sent it to Sean. His reply: "Um wow!"
Well put.

February 16, 2010

monkey head

Tube is 2" diameter

I made a tool cart for my boss Jerry. When I got done adding all the tool spots he said he wanted a critter to make it complete. My boss Greg showed me Jerry's IM avatar- a monkey with glasses. So here we are.

The monkey head is about eye level with me in the center of the back beam of the cart.

June 20, 2009

Margaret's Accord

I replaced a few parts on Margaret's car today.

I like how even the NGK plugs come in boxes marked Honda.

-all genuine Honda parts except for the new (not reman.) axle-
dizzy cap, gasket, rotor button, fasteners
dizzy o-ring
left inner tie rod & clamp
valve cover gasket -old gasket turned to stone... chiseled out and remaining pieces are in picture.

and an alignment

I made another robot bear from old parts from her car and gave it to her


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June 8, 2009


If the kitty ever gets off of my case maybe I can bore you with my borescope. I'll show you the inside of my rusty muffler or other vehicle related dark places.

Antny gave me an old XP laptop so I just have to figure out how to hook it up and make it a video file on :shudder: Windows XP.

I used it to look at Sean's BMW's brakes today but you can pretty much see those with the naked eye looking through the wheels anyway.

It also comes with a clip on mirror and clip on magnet. The mirror is to see things like bent or burnt valves because you go in through the spark plug hole and the valves are above that. The magnet is there in case you drop a fastener or such somewhere from which it NEEDS retrieving due to being a special fastener, or maybe it fell in a delicate place. Run-of-the-mill fasteners can be easily replaced with new w/out spending an hour or more searching.

May 30, 2009

tool chest

My ginormous toolbox is paid for. I decided to use most of my savings to pay it off and save $900 in finance charges.

I think this gives me permission to spend $900 on cool specialty tools.
Next purchase: Borescope- $200

boring youtube video of borescope

Apparently it can also record video... well, it has a "video out" port anyway. I might have to buy a laptop.

May 26, 2009


And boy are its wings tired.

April 9, 2009


I took this pic @ work today

December 29, 2008

Special Tool

UPDATED 01/05/09 w/ pics plus Bonus KITTY

I just ordered a special tool to remove Toyota "spark plug tubes".
It's made by a company called Assenmacher

The numeric designation is 150

So of course the complete tool number from SJ Discount Tools is


I'm not making this up.

(ed- 8/09- the page and tool# have changed, but the URL still says asstoy150)

Most tool and car part deliveries I receive come in plain brown boxes with little description. We can only hope this one follows suit, not arriving in a rainbow box with bold print on all sides.

01/05/09 updates

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December 24, 2008


Removal and Replacement: Engine
My boss asked me if I was their new Jaguar specialist. I said no. Laughs were abundant.

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