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How To: remove uncaptured alternator sleeve

This method is also handy to slide the sleeve over a bit for an easy install. In that case the sleeve will slide back as you tighten the bolt while reinstalling alternator.

So, to remove. You need a bolt which slides through the sleeve. It has to be pretty long because it has to fit through the sleeve, two sockets, and still have room to put the nut on the end.

Choosing your sockets: The sockets will be used both to push the sleeve out, and to catch the sleeve. (note- they need not be sockets, but I can usually find the right size socket before I can find something else suitable.

One is the receiver. It must be just slightly larger than the sleeve. The sleeve eventually will end up inside it.

The other is the pusher. It must be slightly smaller than the sleeve so it can go through the hole without getting stuck.

Most sleeves i've done this with have belonged to 10mm bolts. The one pictured below is from a suzuki and had an 8mm bolt. So I had a bit of a time finding a pusher socket which would both fit on my bolt and fit through the hole in the alternator. I ended up drilling through an old Taiwan socket. I have also ran into setups where I had to grind one side of the receiver socket flat.

Okay. So slide the bolt through the receiver, through the alternator, then the pusher, and start the nut. Tighten it up, and if everything is straight and the right sizes/shapes, the sleeve should make a small snap sound and then easily push all the way through into the receiving socket. Voila: click on pic.


OH- and if all you want to do is move the sleeve over, place the receiving socket on the side which you want the sleeve to move towards, and just use a washer to get the sleeve flush- eliminating the need to find the pusher socket- or the right length bolt-