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Red Oil Light


With very few exceptions, this light means you have no oil pressure. Without oil pressure your engine will die a horrible death.

Trying to drive "just a little while" with this light on is to your engine as getting dragged through broken glass for "just a few feet" is to your naked body.

If it flicks on around a corner it does not mean anything other than you are killing your engine. This is the most common, and generally means a low oil level... so there are many many people who get lucky and just add oil, or worse... think this just means it is time for an oil change. Stop. Shut off the engine. Check the oil level or call someone.

If it comes on and stays on... STOP and shut off the engine. Call someone.

The same goes for the temperature light- or if the temperature gauge needle goes all the way up. Think "I now need a new engine and maybe a new transmission, or maybe a new car" if you continue to try to drive it like this... oh, and a tow.

If your experience differs consider yourself lucky. Or, like me, a bit knowledgeable about what exactly you are driving and how it works.

In conclusion, check your fluid levels, watch your gauges and lights, and read your owner/operator manual.

sorry so many rants lately.