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If you know me, or follow this blog, you know i tend to procrastinate. You may also know of my box of new Honda parts with a 2009 receipt date.

I decided to install some of them today, along with a few other parts I recently purchased.

I had to remove my camshaft to replace some oil seals allowing engine oil to soak into my spark plug wires. I tried to take lots of pictures, but my camera was acting weird, and it only saved one 'before' and one 'after' picture, along with the one shown above.

So if you just saw the pics, they say "oh look, new spark plug wires". Rats. I worked on this car for 7 hours today. Here is the list of parts I installed:

Camshaft holder o-rings
Distributor o-ring
Timing belt & tensioner bearing
Camshaft seal
Crankshaft seal
Spark plug wires
Water pump
Valve cover gasket, tube seals & grommets
All 3 drive & accessory belts
also I adjusted the valves and set the ignition timing.

Except for the camshaft holder o-rings and plug wires, I replaced all those parts 70K miles ago in August of 2006 when my mother still owned the car. If I had thought about those o-rings at the time, i could have put this off another year or two, but oh well.

Still in the 2009 box are one inner and one outer tie rod end. I forget which side they go on, but my tires know. They are showing inner edge wear because of my procrastination. It's not like i bought the best Michelin tires I could find though... oh wait. Damn.

just under 240,000 miles so far on the original engine and transmission. YAY!


Ah, The first time i took the timing belt off i forogt to bring it to top dead center, so i tried to align the timing but didnt know where the mark? was for the crank. I was stupid and put it all back together and tried starting it but didnt get a start. Then i came back to your videos and saw the mark for the crank on the splash guard and went and timed it to that with the head and int.shaft at TDC. it started and ran but feint sounds of tapping started and my idle was really deep.