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It's a thing. It has a name and you can buy it. It's in brake pads and other friction materials, gaskets, cutting wheels, and apparently rope. It is in the air i breathe and on my clothes.

I know (if you read the fine print) you're not supposed to breathe it, touch it, or wear your clothes home after exposure.

So what is it? Well, it's definitely not asbestos. It says so right in the name.

The tests I took after lunch today conclude that it's 38% caramelized ketchup, 12% crystalized catsup, 27% natural and artificial flavorings and 17% glycerol ester of wood rosin, with less than 2% soylent green.


Asbestos indeed cause a rare form lung dissaee called mesothelioma. nature extremely small fibers up asbestos. Once loose fibers inhaled stay lungs years a constant irritant lungs, eventually cancer results. past asbestos used everything brake shoes, window putty, pipe insulation more. used ability withstand high temps. real problem fibers loose wheels a car removed dust inhaled, insulation ancient building flaking fibers loose inhaled, real danger. long asbestos intact fibers loose danger. Asbestos longer used cars, insulation ceiling tiles products . newer ironing board covers asbestos . 5 years ago here MN a congressman died lung cancer caused asbestos exposure. worked ancient buildings east side Saint Paul, MN exposed asbestos insulation. Once a person cure, based wrote I worry modern products asbestos outlawed a long time ago. Was this answer helpful?

not really, but thanks.