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national security

My friend Lewis bought a military auction HMMWV (humvee) engine... 6.5 liter diesel.
It came in a big military crate, vacuum sealed with a dessicant bag, ready to be drop shipped from 10,000 feet.

well, sort of.

I guess they found a problem and that's why it was for sale.

We made it run inside the crate. That was awesome.

Comments are under pictures. The right sides of the pictures got cut off but if you click on them they should come up in a pop-up (disable that blocker for now).


HUGE intake manifold! There's an EPA sticker which mentions a national security emissions exemption. I'll try to get a pic of that later. done. click here for sticker pic


We ran 24V to the injector pump (help me out here Lewis) and 12V to the starter. 4 batteries in all.


...about the starter. The military crate needed slight modifications to accommodate it.

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This is a couple weeks later. One of the cylinders had low compression so we put it on a stand and started tinkering.


This is bad. The rod bearings are toast and what you see in the above picture is the crankshaft with about 0.125" of metal missing from one of the rod journals. This is bad (bears repeating)


But the rest looks almost new. This is good. There are lots of good parts here. Lewis is keeping me posted of the progress.


Oh Scott a rini. That crankshft looks baaaahd. How will you break the news to Lewis and what can he do to fix it??

Lewis is probably going to buy a new crankshaft once he determines the block is worth saving. So far it's looking good.

The military trucks run 24 volts. On the humvee everything is 24 volts. There is a solenoid on the injection pump that shuts the fuel off. It is normally closed so you have to give it at least 17 something volts to open it and allow fuel to move.

I have been on the scene the whole time so Scott didn't have to sit me down to break the news to me or anything. It's all good and we have been having a good time with this project, although it's just about to the the point where I'm gonna have to start dropping some dough on it to move forward.

Thanks again for the pictures Lew!