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July 20, 2011

unintended consequences

More power AND better gas mileage? Sign me up!
Less complicated? Better still!

BUT it wont pass NC state inspection.

Vehicles in NC under 35yrs old, but built before 1996 must pass a safety inspection including a visual inspection of emission equipment. All emission equipment must be installed and appear to work.

I installed a WEBER carburetor on my 1982 Civic. It has one electrical wire for the choke (optional), one ported vacuum line for the distributor, and one manifold vacuum line for the power brakes (optional).



Damn if I cant get through an inspection. Actually, I can, but I need this car to be user friendly.

So I had to put this monstrosity back on it:



So above you see one carburetor with two electric solenoid boxes (several solenoids in each), a vapor canister, and about 22 vacuum lines with metal tubes... seems like about 40 rubber lines in all, each with specific purposes.

Gotta love the 80's

So now Mr Hankey passes inspection. YAYYY! But he still has the original problem of losing power, which is why I put the simplistic WEBER carb on in the first place.

I guess I'll have to actually diagnose that now. Wonderbrain power- ACTIVATE!

soooo many vacuum lines and solenoids and thermal valves and check valves and.... bypass valves, fuel cut valves, air cut valves,,, my head is hurting already.

July 5, 2011



more photos (click on below picture)