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June 15, 2011

another bird


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I made this tonight after work. It was actually a fairly uneventful day. This piece is not directed towards another person. It's been in my head awhile, and tonight it came out.


June 13, 2011

"buy american" or "keep your GM car all GM"

windshield washer pump for Suburban

It's not just GM
I see this kind of thing all the time, but it is (or was) usually Canada, Brazil or Mexico... which could be considered in America (north, south or central)

If your 17 digit VIN number starts with a one, your vehicle was assembled in The United States of America.

after cut/paste and read the above site, know my 1990 Civic VIN starts with a 4 but the sticker on the original radiator brace read MFG BY HONDA OF CANADA

if someone has a more accurate list of VIN MFG codes please let me know.

(edit: oops. I was wrong... my VIN starts with a 2 - Canada it is)