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Ima hafta get me a hunting license now... or stop driving home from Chapel Hill at night.

Have you seen the Mythbusters episode when they hit a moose? It was kinda like that (but it was a deer- see previous post). The dang thing splattered and flew up onto the roof, over the vehicle.
-deer mist and dents-
The big dent in the roof mostly came out by hand but i need a new hood and headlight at least. I can live with the messed up fender maybe.
seems like I just replaced that headlight recently too. Dang.


If you can believe it it's actually worse than it looks in the picture.
I haven't looked at the back of the vehicle yet. For now we'll assume it is undamaged.


At least it didn't get your windshield as well. Glad you're OK.

Deer *are* very tasty. Tastier than moose, which are more likely to eat YOU in a car accident. Poor Althea :(