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October 31, 2010


Ima hafta get me a hunting license now... or stop driving home from Chapel Hill at night.

Have you seen the Mythbusters episode when they hit a moose? It was kinda like that (but it was a deer- see previous post). The dang thing splattered and flew up onto the roof, over the vehicle.
-deer mist and dents-
The big dent in the roof mostly came out by hand but i need a new hood and headlight at least. I can live with the messed up fender maybe.
seems like I just replaced that headlight recently too. Dang.


If you can believe it it's actually worse than it looks in the picture.
I haven't looked at the back of the vehicle yet. For now we'll assume it is undamaged.

stupid deer


I got lucky I guess. I was only going about 45mph.

So what is one supposed to do when one hits a deer? I just kept going. There was a cop. He turned on his bubble gums. I don't know if that was a coincidence or not. I didn't stick around to find out.

I kinda wanted to pull over and assess the damage but I figured what's done is done, and I just watched for signs of overheating or loss of oil pressure. In the end I got home (20min later) and had to look pretty hard to find the damage. Cool.

Still, it sucks to have another dent. Stupid deer.

October 16, 2010

two simple steps to belly burning

oh man- I'm gonna get so much spam for that one-

But it's worth it.

My friend Jennifer gave me a washer tub to build a - well- a 'burning man' out of, only this one is reusable. The fire goes in his belly - and his belly is stainless steel. Pher came over today to help build it... and drop off a very nice cat named Stella.

I uploaded a couple videos of the belly burner to youtube. They really don't do it justice. Also I was holding my phone sideways while shooting. I couldn't figure out how to un-sideways them.
Let's see if i can put links here-

close up still picture after jump