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September 16, 2010

Three down, one to go


Yep. No more CRX (what's the plural for CRX?). No more Isuzu. I don't need so many projects at once. The Firebird and Mr Hanky need my attention.

As far as the Isuzu goes, my landscaper picked up a Suzuki Samurai which gets better gas mileage. It's just as well. He was calling me every day with some real or imagined catastrophe regarding the the Trooper. I couldn't find any real ones, but I'm not going to deny any existed on a 24yr old vehicle. It's weird. He's the polar opposite of his wife when it comes to vehicles. For her the vehicle has to be dangerously unsafe or the engine about to seize/explode before she'll stop driving it and call me.
I haven't had to do much of anything on the Samurai yet though.

Anyway, I have this Integra which also needs to be gone. I haven't advertised it yet. Selling on craigslist is a PITA - it really brings out the douchebags.

If I get lucky the Integra will become a race car at only a slight loss to me. Vern! Come buy this car! (when you get back in town)

(wow- it's really empty looking here now)