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June 6, 2010

isuzu clutch

Sorry for not posting. The site forcibly upgraded making it way more difficult to manage pictures. But at least I get 20x more spam comments now :rolleyes:

Anyway, I got that clutch into the Isuzu way back when. I took a bunch of pics but it's such a PITA to post them that I only have two on here.

No pictures of the pilot bearing. I have a tool designed to remove it. It did not work. I ended up packing grease behind it, finding a socket to fit in where the transmission input shaft fits, and smacking it with a hammer. Hydraulic pressure did the rest. I always thought that method was a myth, but it worked.

More innovation on my part, and this time there's a picture!

See the low tire?
It's on purpose.
To pull the engine I had to hold the transmission up with a stationary jack stand. In order to adjust the transmission height and angle in relation to the vehicle body I adjusted tire pressure on both sides. They were both almost completely flat on two separate occasions (once coming out, once going in).

I didn't post any pics of the old clutch which was painted red for some reason.

I did post one picture of the grimy engine after I pulled the flywheel off.
I changed the upper and lower oil pan gaskets and the rear main crankshaft seal while it was out.


So the truck has a new clutch and I didn't have to risk anyone's safety pulling the transmission.
I charged the A/C and it works. My friend and landscaper Ty has been driving the truck (I'm trying to get him to get rid of the evil Ford Bronco II).