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Bronco too

Everybody wins!
My friend and somewhat nearby neighbor Ty is a landscaper. I need someone to take care of my lawn. He needs someone to take care of his family's vehicles. win/ win

He thinks I'm getting the raw end, and maybe I am, seeing as I've been working on his 1986 Bronco II - ick. But for me it beats yard work.

The thing is, every time I go to fix something I find something else broken, or something breaks.

Case in point... and I don't even know for sure I was fixing something- mystery stall/throw parts at it.
Now, I don't like to do that, but I'm not driving an unregistered vehicle around all day so I can get stranded in it while I diagnose it and wait for it to cool down and start. His symptoms reminded me of this:
and I've had to replace these ignition modules before.

So I decided to replace it and let him drive it. My condition on this "fix" is that the vehicle needs to be registered for me to find/fix it if it does it again.

I also replaced his hall effects sensor (pickup coil). This sensor does the job of sending a signal to the coil to fire for each cylinder and it requires disassembly of the distributor- where I found a cracked roll pin... a disaster waiting to happen. The pin holds the distributor's drive gear in place. If it breaks the vehicle needs a tow.

All this time I have to jump start the vehicle almost every time I want to start it. Ty says "It does that sometimes." Well now it does it every time. And with the new ignition parts installed the thing starts on the tick but the battery light wants to come on and the battery keeps going dead after sitting a few hours.

Disconnect the alternator- BTW the connector is broken- The battery drain goes away. OK. We need a new alternator
... and a connector. I'm still waiting on the connector but the parasitic drain is gone and the battery light is out with the new alternator.

Next potential catastrophic failure- upper radiator hose was rubbing on the alternator belt. I found this as I was installing the new alternator. I loosened the hose clamps and rotated the hose away from the belt, but it's worn through to the cords. So now I need an upper radiator hose. What's next?

It still beats yard work.

Oh, and I made this tonight from some 4.3L Chevy engine parts: