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red car

I am not a painter.
I am bad at prep.
I'm OK at masking sometimes.

"It just looks like a red car"
"unless you really look at it"
I was told by a friend.

So I made a red car red again I guess. I hope it lasts.

First I painted the grey/silver hood "Bright Red" and then dulled it with scotchbrite to kinda match the old paint.

I painted the pink/white/black-mold roof "cherry red" and have to wait 2 days before I can try to smooth out the lines.

The cherry almost matches the old paint, but i have zero blending skills.
I'll prob'ly take more pics after i do it if it looks somewhat better.

The pictures pick up a lot of sun yellow and tree shadow. It really does look like a red car... better than before anyway.

I put another throttle body on this red civic and tested it with the smoke machine. It passed. We'll see if it passes the cold short shift when Dreya drives it. I can never get it to do it, but it does seem to run smoother when first started.

I'm trying to get the A/C to work for the hot Texas sun but the compressor is noisy w/ the A/C on and the used one I got is noisy all the time. I'll see if they'll take it back w/refund. I can get a better deal on craigslist I bet.

Oldie but a goodie ;)