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October 31, 2009

Halloween Del Sol

Sean as Beaker from The Muppet Show in his Del Sol

October 14, 2009

The Perfect Wrench Set

No one sells it.
SAE and Metric sets always double some and miss others.
Here is a list. SAE is generally cheaper than Metric for some reason.

7/32" (5.5mm option)
9/32" (7mm)
5/16" (8mm)
7/16" (11mm-slight variance)
12mm (edit: almost forgot the 12mm- d'oh. 1/2" and 12mm look close in print. No interchange.
19/64" (I bought that once for my '72 Ford. It's a 15mm)
15mm (cause it's always included, see 19/64")
5/8"= (16mm)
11/16" (rare now, use in a pinch on 17mm)
18mm (a must-have, use in a pinch on 11/16th)
20mm (flare nut for fuel filters on GM)
13/16" (is the one I use)
7/8"=22mm (esp good for o2 sensors)

1"=25.4mm (26mm works)
1 3/16'~30mm
1 1/4"~32mm

I haven't worked the rest out. This is mostly all from brain stem, but 25.4mm = 1" is good.

October 4, 2009

red car

I am not a painter.
I am bad at prep.
I'm OK at masking sometimes.

"It just looks like a red car"
"unless you really look at it"
I was told by a friend.

So I made a red car red again I guess. I hope it lasts.

First I painted the grey/silver hood "Bright Red" and then dulled it with scotchbrite to kinda match the old paint.

I painted the pink/white/black-mold roof "cherry red" and have to wait 2 days before I can try to smooth out the lines.

The cherry almost matches the old paint, but i have zero blending skills.
I'll prob'ly take more pics after i do it if it looks somewhat better.

The pictures pick up a lot of sun yellow and tree shadow. It really does look like a red car... better than before anyway.

I put another throttle body on this red civic and tested it with the smoke machine. It passed. We'll see if it passes the cold short shift when Dreya drives it. I can never get it to do it, but it does seem to run smoother when first started.

I'm trying to get the A/C to work for the hot Texas sun but the compressor is noisy w/ the A/C on and the used one I got is noisy all the time. I'll see if they'll take it back w/refund. I can get a better deal on craigslist I bet.

Oldie but a goodie ;)