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July 20, 2009


updated 8/26 -@ end

I told Robin I had a good used axle for her CRX.

I had checked my parts car and it looked like the driver's axle was good... it turns out the outer boot was split in a way undetectable by the casual glance of a professional.


Luckily I also had an extra driver's side axle with a known good outer boot. But it had a sliced inner boot incurred during removal or storage (I acquired this axle with a transmission I purchased).

I must've had that in mind before the casual check ;)

The lacerated boots are not so bad as the aftermath they cause.

Anyway, I used the axle with the good outer parts and installed all the good inner parts from the other.

A new axle is cheap, but it's cheap she ain't got.

I assembled an axle with known good inner and outer joints and boots.

And she can drive her car.

I spent all kinds of time making this axle but it was kind of fun.

And she can drive her car.

I probably should cash the check even though I don't want to.

no pics. I'll snap a pic of an axle for reference. Updated soon.

8/26 Update... I ain't got no pic.
Here's a howstuffworks page. This axle used a Rzeppa joint on the outside (hers was bad/torn/making noise) and a tripod (plunging) joint on the inner. There were snap ring pliers, new grease, and many shop towels involved.

Most or all of that info stuff is lodged in my brain pretty good... somewhere...
How can i increase my brain RAM? If it's brussels sprouts I'll pass.

Anyway, CV axles make for good robot-bear parts ;)

July 5, 2009

mystery solved

I'm about finished with Miss Fuller's car.

I had a bit of a head scratcher with it.

It turns out I was sold the wrong thermostat. The part stores specify 190*F as the correct opening temperature for the T'stat in this car.

I looked up the Mazda spec, found the correct 180*F thermostat, and installed it.

Lo and behold the radiator cooling fan now cycles normally.

All that is left is to drive it.

July 3, 2009

Confused engine

This engine is confused, hence the title. Where I expect to find oil I find antifreeze. Where I expect to find antifreeze there is oil. Where I expect to find nothing but air there is antifreeze (almost took a bath in it).

But this is Miss Fuller's car. I'm putting in a used engine because a rebuilt one is prohibitively expensive, and a new one costs not much more. Think "buy another car" expensive, and she only just bought this car.

I could go on.

pic after jump

Notice the mop bucket (upper center). I used it frequently.