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Margaret's Accord

I replaced a few parts on Margaret's car today.

I like how even the NGK plugs come in boxes marked Honda.

-all genuine Honda parts except for the new (not reman.) axle-
dizzy cap, gasket, rotor button, fasteners
dizzy o-ring
left inner tie rod & clamp
valve cover gasket -old gasket turned to stone... chiseled out and remaining pieces are in picture.

and an alignment

I made another robot bear from old parts from her car and gave it to her


Sean thought maybe I could open a business fixing cars+making art for the customers out of their old parts. Sometimes that wont work so well.

But if you have a FWD car in need of an axle I can put in a NEW one plus make a robot bear out of (mostly) the old one for you for a competitive price ;)


Let's not forget the Rollergirl trophy you also made out of a CV joint.

Thanks for that Vern
FWD CV axle parts are very universal... and make for good trophies. That rollerskate was my 1st of 3 trophies. I wish I took a picture.

Here's a picture I found of the CRG Trohpy.