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If the kitty ever gets off of my case maybe I can bore you with my borescope. I'll show you the inside of my rusty muffler or other vehicle related dark places.

Antny gave me an old XP laptop so I just have to figure out how to hook it up and make it a video file on :shudder: Windows XP.

I used it to look at Sean's BMW's brakes today but you can pretty much see those with the naked eye looking through the wheels anyway.

It also comes with a clip on mirror and clip on magnet. The mirror is to see things like bent or burnt valves because you go in through the spark plug hole and the valves are above that. The magnet is there in case you drop a fastener or such somewhere from which it NEEDS retrieving due to being a special fastener, or maybe it fell in a delicate place. Run-of-the-mill fasteners can be easily replaced with new w/out spending an hour or more searching.