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June 20, 2009

Margaret's Accord

I replaced a few parts on Margaret's car today.

I like how even the NGK plugs come in boxes marked Honda.

-all genuine Honda parts except for the new (not reman.) axle-
dizzy cap, gasket, rotor button, fasteners
dizzy o-ring
left inner tie rod & clamp
valve cover gasket -old gasket turned to stone... chiseled out and remaining pieces are in picture.

and an alignment

I made another robot bear from old parts from her car and gave it to her


Sean thought maybe I could open a business fixing cars+making art for the customers out of their old parts. Sometimes that wont work so well.

But if you have a FWD car in need of an axle I can put in a NEW one plus make a robot bear out of (mostly) the old one for you for a competitive price ;)

June 19, 2009


I bought another car.
I'm not sure why.
It's a CRX Si

I could disassemble the car and sell parts off of it and get about 5x what I paid... if i had the space to do that...

Or I could find a few parts and sell it whole as a POS for 3x at least including purchases

Or i could spend a buttload on it and have a nice stock CRX Si (has sunroof).

Or maybe I can trade it for something. The Honda community seems to be big on that.

Why do I do these things? I have 4 Hondas now.


June 8, 2009


If the kitty ever gets off of my case maybe I can bore you with my borescope. I'll show you the inside of my rusty muffler or other vehicle related dark places.

Antny gave me an old XP laptop so I just have to figure out how to hook it up and make it a video file on :shudder: Windows XP.

I used it to look at Sean's BMW's brakes today but you can pretty much see those with the naked eye looking through the wheels anyway.

It also comes with a clip on mirror and clip on magnet. The mirror is to see things like bent or burnt valves because you go in through the spark plug hole and the valves are above that. The magnet is there in case you drop a fastener or such somewhere from which it NEEDS retrieving due to being a special fastener, or maybe it fell in a delicate place. Run-of-the-mill fasteners can be easily replaced with new w/out spending an hour or more searching.

June 7, 2009


I mean... really WOW! + WOW!

I had no idea my old gold box could ride this smooth. Motor/trans mounts can do a lot for ride quality. I think I can make it even better.

It bothers me that I had to add spacers to an engine mount to get this far. What really bothers me is that I got all four new mounts from an OE supplier, which means if I buy Honda mounts at twice the price (wholesale) I might get the same thing.... they might not be the exact mounts the car came with.

I plan to switch the CRX's straight driver's side mount with the Civic's. If it bolts up straight I will buy a new one from Honda to see if it bolts up straight as well.

If it does I'll buy the rear and front mounts from Honda too. The rear mount is a PITA to replace, and its the one I had to shim. I'll have to drop the frame to replace it (again). The passenger side mount appears to be OK at this time (it is new after all- phbbt)

Aftermarket parts often suck. Sometimes its all you can get... even from the dealer. My car is old :(

But at least I know the original owner (mom) and the history. The car is definitely not bent (other than small dings and that dang headlight). The CRX appears to be a little bent. Possibly more on that later... probably much later.

Pic of my soon to be perfectly DOT aligned, almost straight with the body lines, and most importantly DRY headlight

June 6, 2009

wet headlight

So... I'm stayin' at my mom's about 5yrs ago and she came home in Althea (The Golden Nugget) when I noticed the left headlight was all crooked. The next day it was worse. I think someone she worked with didn't know how to park (or un park).

Anyway, now Althea is mine, and that drivers headlight is still all pushed in and now gaining water.
I picked up a dry one at the pick-n-pull. BTW that place always seems picked clean before I get there. Out of five 92-95 Civics not a one had the connectors for the ECU... all hacked. All four of the 88-91 Civics had chopped harnesses too.

But I got a headlight! -not just a headlight but a headlight "assembly" (comes with the bracket and adjusters).

So I took my bumper off... and some other parts... and installed this assembly. I had to adjust a bent bracket.

It's almost totally straight and holds no water. I'm so proud. My 19yr old car is getting close to being... ummmm.... Wayyyyy better than any other 19yr old car on the road?

I'm still trying to fix a vibration. I think at least one of my four NEW engine mounts is made wrong. I have to compare it to an OE Honda mount. Its less vibraty than before, but I want better.

crooked mount after shimming and adjustment:

It was way worse.... the metal part of the mount was hitting the body mount bracket.

OH! And now my headlight has happy (almost totally straight) headlightiness with no access for guppies.

I can fix the hell outa some shit if you let me.