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May 30, 2009

tool chest

My ginormous toolbox is paid for. I decided to use most of my savings to pay it off and save $900 in finance charges.

I think this gives me permission to spend $900 on cool specialty tools.
Next purchase: Borescope- $200

boring youtube video of borescope

Apparently it can also record video... well, it has a "video out" port anyway. I might have to buy a laptop.

May 26, 2009


And boy are its wings tired.

May 5, 2009


Dreygon is the name of Dreya's Red 1990 Civic. The CRX (LE PEU) remains in my clutches for experiments, while i also get to experiment on the Dreygon. Muhahaha

So i bought this 4 speed hatchback for her to replace her CRX and of course it broke almost immediately... it is almost 20yrs old by the by.

The fuel pump went out. A tow and a pump and filter later she runs tall for a trip to PA in the winter... where she overheats.

Dreya can now change a thermostat on a civic in under 15min.

The car was making a noise I heard when I started it at 45*F. It made the noise consistantly but very briefly. I decided it needed a waterpump.

Last month we replaced the waterpump, which turned out to have a shot bearing (my mechanic instincts rock), as well as the timing belt, the accessory belts, and all related oil seals and pulley bearings.

At the same time i changed her camshaft to one with higher lift and duration (more air suction and for longer) and her ECU (computerized fuel management to handle the new camshaft)

We go from 70HP to 90HP @ no cost to you, using stock Honda parts.