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February 28, 2009


Sean likes to wash cars in the rain. This is the second time I caught him at it.

The Cougar has been neglected for a very long time. I could say it's my fault, since i'm the last one who drove it....

I wanted to show it off at work.... spring/summer 2007? It had been having problems with the starter eating away at the flywheel teeth (more on that later) so i pop started it and drove it out to Capital Blvd. The light turned green and I gave her "some" gas. VROOMMM! WHEEEE! POP!POW!CRACKLE!SNAP!stalll.

EGAD I have ruined my brother's car! I called Sean and had it towed home. He said the distributor roll pin probably snapped... happens all the time in rebuilt units. Yup. That's what it was. Whew. He fixed it within a few weeks IIRC.

But the starting issue remained. Sean recently found out that the parts books list the wrong starter. Even though the one listed had chewed away a good bit of his flywheel, using the correct starter (listed for a car with an auto trans) seems to work fine now.... except for the battery.

Oh yes, the battery.
Vern The Destructor* stopped by today with a loaner battery (while I was elsewhere) and after a little ign timing I'm told the old Cougar runs great again. Currently she's clean-er and in the garage. The 2 car garage has 2 cars! And a motorcycle! This is almost unprecedented in recent years.

* see marvel comic