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Special Tool

UPDATED 01/05/09 w/ pics plus Bonus KITTY

I just ordered a special tool to remove Toyota "spark plug tubes".
It's made by a company called Assenmacher

The numeric designation is 150

So of course the complete tool number from SJ Discount Tools is


I'm not making this up.


(ed- 8/09- the page and tool# have changed, but the URL still says asstoy150)

Most tool and car part deliveries I receive come in plain brown boxes with little description. We can only hope this one follows suit, not arriving in a rainbow box with bold print on all sides.

01/05/09 updates

The end expands as you tighten the bolt.

update 01/05/09- received

I am not disappointed, and somewhat relieved.

AST Toy 150

Unimpressed kitty is still not impressed


no comments from the peanut gallery on this one... Vern? Even a snide remark would suffice. If it's good it might earn credit towards Toyota work.

I showed it to my sister and she was worried about clicking on a link that had the word "pleasurizer" and "asstoy" together.

That's all.

Plus, I was wondering why you need a spark plug tube remover tool when I do it by hand on my Slant Six.

The Toyota plug tubes in question are threaded and sealed into the head. It takes a buttload of torque to remove them.

W/o this tool I can use a regular pipe wrench in conjunction with a socket to fit inside the tube. The socket provides support preventing the pipe wrench from crushing the tube. It's a PITA that way

I actually think Mr. Cool looks a little excited in that picture. My cats only make that face when they smell something funky that they like. In a special way.