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November 8, 2008

Helicopter Fish

Check it

Remember the EGR system i mentioned on the CRX? It be on the friz yo. The helicopter fish is a blazin', and the code is 12- EGR malfunction.

I've uploaded the diagnostic flow charts for anyone interested. The first chart (1 of 3) has a wrong spot in it. I've also uploaded my revised version.

So the first thing you do is to check the EGR valve by applying vacuum. The EGR should hold vacuum and the engine should stall or run poorly. Mine held vacuum, but the engine ran the same. At this point the flowchart tells me to replace the EGR valve... so I revised the chart.

Then I set out to clean my EGR intake runner ports.
On many vehicles this is pretty straightforward.... just nuts and bolts, and occasionally easy access... not on mine. I have to use a drill. Honda decided to weld over the access plugs (like freeze plugs).

I had an extra intake so decided to use it. I didn't know if it was plugged up or not, but decided to clean it out regardless. I saw a write-up where someone ground all the metal away down to the plugs, removed them with a slide hammer, cleaned, and then installed new plugs and JB welded over them. That's a whole lotta time and some extra expense. It's my car, and I can fix it right my way. I drilled 3/8" holes and then filled them with JB stick (radiator/fuel tank repair) after cleaning... and of course this manifold was already pretty clean.

pic-welded over port caps

pic-holes drilled

pic-JB stick. kinda hard to see. I could've used any brand radiator repair stick, but JB weld seemed suitably redneck.

So now I've got the cleared out intake on. The other one i quick-checked just to see how gooey it was... pretty nasty. This one will need oven cleaner and compressed air to clear it out.

But of course I still have the code 12 coming on when I drive. I go down the flow chart again. The EGR holds vacuum AND the engine stalls w/ vacuum applied. YAYYY! oh, umm... Back to the flow chart. My "EGR Control Solenoid Valve" isn't clicking. It's located on the firewall. I've got one coming from Honda @ $95. Hopefully I'll be done flowcharting then. And I saved myself from buying an EGR valve which I didn't need. I also checked the Lift Sensor located on the EGR valve to make sure it was good. A bad one would require the EGR valve to be replaced anyway...@ $170. The Lift Sensor check is further down on the flowchart.


1 of 3:

2 of 3:

3 of 3:

Scott's revised 1 of 3

flowchart sections are sized for print. Not responsible for flowchart content (they have the lift sensor wire colors wrong too)

Note for mechanics: See this OBDII Prelude TSB (pdf file)
Download file

Engine light comes on after misfire. The new solenoid is letting the EGR valve open but I had to clean out 2 of the ports again.
Engine light came on intermittantly- This one was tough- EGR valve lift sensor voltage input to the ECU changes w/ position determined by vacuum applied. It seemed to test OK but sometimes would show near 5 volts @ full closed or full open. I'm not sure this test was on the flow chart. I don't think it was.... just "around one volt" with key on engine off.
So I ended up replacing the EGR valve anyway- dammit.

Finally no Helicopter Fish though