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it's alive-r

I know this picture looks very similar to the one I posted below.

But it is very different. Trust me.

I hooked up the exhaust, the shifter, and the clutch cable.
I installed the axles and I added transmission fluid.
I fixed the fuel leak.

hmmm, that doesn't seem like as much work now that I wrote it down. Hmf.

I started it up and shifted it through all its gears... except i think I forgot to check reverse... but yeah, it's workin' all righty!

I still haven't installed the radiator or any hoses, belts, yadda-yadda.

Now I need to study as many pictures and diagrams as I can get ahold of so I can hook up all the vacuum hoses right. And I still have to wire up the EGR system. Oh yeah... this engine uses EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). The other engine didn't need it.

Running such a lean mixture makes for higher emissions (in PartsPerMillion).

There's a 3 wire sensor and a 2 wire solenoid I have to wire up, and some extra vacuum hoses.


SO HOT!!!!!

And the car is nice, too.