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it's alive

LePeu is FAR from roadworthy, and I still haven't put any belts/hoses on or the exhaust, or... pretty much anything....

But the engine runs!

And has a pretty bad fuel leak. It's just an O-ring seal. I'll try to fix it sunday maybe.

I was worried for a little while. I bought a new distributor to match the new multi-point fuel system and computer, and NONE of the wires were the right colors.

I had to trace each wire from the harness back to the computer to I.D. it
AND disassemble the new distributor to I.D. its wires.

I mixed 2 up 'cause I thought "oh, look, they got one wire in the correct color" but no, they didn't.

When I cranked it the first time it went "wa-wa-wa-POP-wa-wa-wa-POP".

I knew by the sound That I likely had only 2 wires switched... but which 2? Each of 4 components inside this dist has 2 wires (-in/out-)

I should have started with the ONE wire I thought was the right color, but no, I didn't.
I swapped 2 and the cranking sound was more like "rrr-thud-wa-popitty-pop-rrr-wa-wa-thud-pop".
I put them back the way they were.
The thud was a dead giveaway of course.
Engines don't normally go "thud".

2 more resulted in a similar sound.

Then 2 more. "wa-wa-ROARRRR" Hooray for open exhaust (loud)!

Then I shut it off 'cause the fuel puddle was getting pretty big and I needed a cigarette ;)

Sorry for all the technical jargon. I'm just kinda excited. I really don't even know if it runs well yet... just that it starts and runs.

I'll try to add some pictures (done). And maybe another entry for Sunday.