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red box, blue box, old box, new box

(OK, it's actually black, not blue)

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My toolbox was falling apart, and it didn't fit my tools well. I was losing tools because I couldn't keep them organized. Solution: spend way too much money on a shiny new tool box.

Old box


New box

fuzzy phone camera :)

*tool box specs edit:

And no, I didn't pay full price. W/ my 10yr-old box trade in I'm paying less than 60% of full price... plus I get $700 in tools of my choice. Sweet deal (for snap on).


nice, very nice

I do love me some Snap On. I inherited my grandfather's short-handled 3/8" drive Snap-On ratchet when he died and it's my "go to" tool when I'm not working with the air ratchet. I think it's the same one he had while in WWII. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Oh Scott-a Rini!
The box is magnificent! It's sort of like the Steinway piano of tool chests. You need to make a giant candelabra to put on it like Liberachi. Although people might think your kinda "poovda" then -although your not. Not that there's anything wrong with that or whatever or-oh nevermind.
I think this will explain everything...