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June 29, 2008


My CRX DX (A.K.A. LE PEU) started misfiring. It lost compression in one cylinder. Dreya's been driving Mr. Hankey since then (with the 13" wheels back on it).
The CRX engine already burned oil, so it's getting replaced. I've only got about $600 in the car minus the cosmetics, so I'm not too upset that it only lasted almost a year.

Apparently it's very popular to swap engines from one type of Honda to another (like from an Acura Integra to a CRX). People do this to waste gas, er, I mean go faster.
I'll be going in the opposite direction. I want good fuel economy.

We'll see how it works out. It'll take me a while.

Ant helped me hoist out the engine today. I was getting 27/38mpg with this car before it broke- 27 without trying, 38 on trips on the highway cruising 75mph, or driving in town/beltline like a brick.

more pics and stuff after jump.

Above/below is a D15B2 engine out of my CRX DX- 1.5 liter, 16 valves, dual point fuel injection. Some small amount of horsepower. Attached to it is a low/close geared transmission out of a CRX Si, I think.

I will be installing a D15B6 engine out of a CRX HF- 1.5liter, 8valves, multi point fuel injection, some even smaller amount of horsepower (but almost as much torque). Below is the multi point part, and a snip of the ECM (engine control module) from the CRX HF.

I don't know why the valve cover was painted red. It's also very badly painted.

Here is a picture of the HF engine, ECM and trans, as well as a 4spd trans from a hatchback (I have sinister plans).

one last pic-
Now, I had the interior out of this car when I first bought it, because it was gross. It cleaned up well though. Through no fault of my own, evil clouds conspired to dispense rain through an open window. The car had a good inch of water in it for a few weeks. It aquired copious amounts of mold and was infested with ants.

Dreya removed the interior seats, panels, and carpet yesterday while i worked on removing the engine. She helped some with that too.

After Ant and I got the engine out, we set off three foggers to kill the ants; one inside the car with the windows up, one under the car, and one on the roof. Then we hightailed it out of the garage and locked the door. There will be no escape.

June 22, 2008

More twisted metal


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