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January 24, 2008


So this is what a lincoln towncar looks like with no dashboard or steering column.... from my phone camera.

I got this M.F. back together. It wasn't that bad. I wish the literature had told me to take the power seats out before I disconnected the battery. It did tell me it required 2 "technicians" to remove and replace the dash. I had a modicum of help for out, but for in, all me baby!

So this bastard Ford has a new heater core. hooray.
One of the 10yr old rear suspension air springs pooped out while I was fixing the heater.
Air springs... ugh! They are no spring!!! They are an air filled catastrophe!

January 20, 2008


Dreya and i have decided on a name for trying to sell our creations.... and we made several things last weekend. Check out our Flickr account at


(cut and paste if necessary)

In other news, Sean bought some steering parts for the Lincoln. We'll be installing those shortly. He's putting some shift solenoids in Vic's Volvo, so we'll see if that pans out, or if it needs a trans.
Mr. Hankey is running fine for Dreya but is a little drafty in the cold. The Camry still needs a Cat. Sean's been driving her to work and she does fine... but she needs a tiny bit of body work and the P. side fender replaced due to a little trailer accident.
I've been driving the CRX since towing it home from Maryland after Christmas. It burnt the power wire going to the new "autozone" fuel pump. Fuses were all fine. And it's been doing fine since fixing the wire. No more long trips until i put in a Honda pump and a fused wire there though. I'm going to do some other work to it too. I fixed the flat tire which I'm sure would have blown out at 80mph had the fuel-pump not quit. Good car.

At my job, among other things, I have to replace a heater core in a '98 Lincoln Town Car. This is not fun. I might take a picture of the interior minus entire dashboard once i get it out. I'm still working on removing the steering column w/o compromising the airbag system. Old plastic is difficult to deal with. Maybe next week or so... or not.

January 01, 2008

A good start

This new year's day Dreya and i finished up a few projects.
She finished her windchimes (1st pic)

I finished an Illumination Stabilizer (lantern holder) which Jeniffer commissioned from me. The pic is of before i added the flat-stock with which to attach it to her brick. It takes the place of Dreya's hands in the pic ("Hurry up! I't's heavy!") (2nd pic)

3rd pic is of a brake rotor flower (The Iron Chrysanthemum) which I had promised to Jeniffer as a gift a while back.

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