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December 22, 2007


Today I put brake pads on Sam's car. It was fun. It took no time and it made me feel good.

I also recently put a cylinder head on an old toyota tercel for another friend.
It has eleventeen thousand vacuum hoses.
I have upgraded its status from B.F. Paperweight to Well Running Vehicle.
The "new" carb is not correct for this model... it is missing a vacuum port.
Now it idles low at startup is all. Its fine.
It's old
It runs.
I am inexpensive.
I've been driving it for two weeks.
Its fine. Really.
Eleventeen thousand vacuum hoses plus several evsv (electrical vacuum switching valves), bvsv (bimetal vacuum switching valves), tvsv (thermal vacuum switching valves), and vdv (vacuum delay valves...or jets.. according to Toyota), plus the missing port.... it requires more effort than I can give for what it's worth. It runs great. Just low cold idle. Pooh.

I made some beer tap handles for Jason. I hope they work out. See them at his 'Tween party.

Dreya and i made a chicken.

It's hard to see. Ignore the background.
This is Jim and Pher's Christmas present.
His name is Carl "Boardwalk" Johnson

We also made a Trellis for Carol and Russ.

I'm trying to remember the name... (added soon I hope)

Some other stuff happened. I lost one of my hats.
i had acupuncture done on my back.
mmmmm neeedles

edit 9/4/2008

Ygdrassil is the tree/trellis name.
unfortunately I've deleted all comments (including the one in which Dreya revealed the tree's name immediately). I get so much spam here, and i was trying to clean up but I hit the wrong button. ALL coments deleted. I also don't allow comments or trackbacks once a post is old enough to cause me spam grief. If you would like to comment on any post, let me know via email.