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November 29, 2007

Crap In A Hat

Ohhh, people.
I'm sorry it's been so long.
Over a month has gone by.

Let's see.... we replaced the fuel pump and relay in Sean's "new" truck. All is well. During this I found a bad wire, so it no longer cuts off unexpectedly (did we not mention that part?).

The Camry I bought (and never mentioned here afterwards) from Thom and Carolyn seems to be OK. I did do the head gasket. Now the "check engine" light says it needs a (very expensive) catalytic converter. It rides really well. I don't even have to slow down over the train tracks by the WalMart.

I need to sell the car before something else breaks. It's a USA built model. I feel like crying now. Sorry. I fix 3 times one problem from defective parts. I fix twice one other from same. Meantime more things break. I fix "check engine" from "EGR". That stays fix. Yayy. Now Cat cause "check engine"... but engine already there. ....Czech (my employer from Czech. Sometimes I cant talk around already for hear his speaking).
Czech engine.

Anywhoosits, IMO, Any cat worth $500 normally should be a keeper, but this one's going ASAP once I replace it, along with the kaboodle, no matter how well it rides.

... so no picture. Crap. I'll rehash one. It's worth it.

Kia concept hybrid

Also, I rented a garage. Does that seem important here? :D
Major workbench building there. Dreya and I built the indestructable behemoth workbench and she bought me a vice to fit. Before that I replaced Justin's Del Sol clutch and transmission there. There's a Tercel in there now for a dead miss.