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It's Broken!
No Start.
Two blown fuses.
1 day mostly off work + spend with The Dreya. = YAYY!!!
Big tow truck... did I say big? I meant frikken HUGE flatbed trailer to take "LE PEU" (the small) from from Carrboro to Raleigh (hooray for AAA).
Many fuses + stupid broken test light + Volt/Ohm/Meter
Drop fuel tank to add new fuel pump.


It's still an old car. It burns oil, needs rear strts, axles make noise. Needs me fix slight cosmetically but =very driveable Honda.

All new math aside, I'll get a pic to put here (Done. See after jump. ed-10/22/07) Geneva has the pic of "LE PEU" AND "LE PUE" side by side.
Oh, regarding "LE PUE"... It's Mr Hanky. Antny gave him to me when they got their new Charger. Mr Hanky is MINE! MWHAHAHA!
This 1982 Civic Wagn has a plate proclaiming the stench (LE PUE).

The Dreya is currently driving "the stench", and I "the small" as a trade for a while.