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October 22, 2007


The GTX is gone.
Sean took her to "The GRM $2007 Challenge" in Florida and sold her after the race.

The New2U truck he used to carry her there is actually a 1990 C1500, not an '88 as i posted earlier.
He was using it to haul derby cars for the state fair this past weekend when the fuel pump gave out and took the relay with it... and yes, both pump and relay crapped out at pretty much the same time (weird). It gave us a moment of panic when the new pump ran for just a second and quit. It's all fixed now, and he and Vic just got back from an extensive ...test drive...

I'll have a pic of us replacing the fuel pump as soon as i can get it from Sean (added after jump). We had to lift the bed off the frame. He also has some nice pictures of the derby and Vern driving. Maybe he'll post those to his Flickr or elsewhere. This pic might be similar to the well known "Why Women Live Longer Than Men" photo. We tipped the bed up sideways and held it there with a stick ;)

I hear that Vern got a trophy. Too cool. I hope Sparky will help him win a trophy too, but i don't know when she'll run (Sparky is Dreya's old '90 Lebaron, marked for demolition).

BTW, WTF is up with my haircut? I don't remember putting a broken bowl on my head for it, but I suppose i must have.

October 16, 2007


It's Broken!
No Start.
Two blown fuses.
1 day mostly off work + spend with The Dreya. = YAYY!!!
Big tow truck... did I say big? I meant frikken HUGE flatbed trailer to take "LE PEU" (the small) from from Carrboro to Raleigh (hooray for AAA).
Many fuses + stupid broken test light + Volt/Ohm/Meter
Drop fuel tank to add new fuel pump.


It's still an old car. It burns oil, needs rear strts, axles make noise. Needs me fix slight cosmetically but =very driveable Honda.

All new math aside, I'll get a pic to put here (Done. See after jump. ed-10/22/07) Geneva has the pic of "LE PEU" AND "LE PUE" side by side.
Oh, regarding "LE PUE"... It's Mr Hanky. Antny gave him to me when they got their new Charger. Mr Hanky is MINE! MWHAHAHA!
This 1982 Civic Wagn has a plate proclaiming the stench (LE PUE).

The Dreya is currently driving "the stench", and I "the small" as a trade for a while.

October 03, 2007

our lady

"Our Lady Of Perpetual Motion", the 1980 Ford 1ton van, has gone on to greener pastures.
Sean decided to get something newer and with A/C to haul his trailer around.
He bought the new truck from our friend Steve. I think it's a 1988 Chevy C10. It has a new engine and rebuilt trans, cold AC, and an electrical gremlin. I put the engine and trans in it some time ago (pre-blog).

"Our Lady" has served us well, but it's time for us to move on.
I sold her last night. The purchaser said he'd be using her for yard sale treasures. She can haul some bodacious treasures.

Sean and Victoria are headed off tomorrow for Florida and the "Grassroots Motorsports $2007 Challenge" using the new2u truck to trailer the Mazda GTX down with them for the race.