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June 28, 2007


I drove Andrew's car this evening. I have yet to flush the rest of the butter from the radiator and button up a few other things, but I'm enjoying the cold A/C :)

I have a large pile of "bonus parts" for the junkman. I have a pic of the pile, minus a few things... like the old block and head. The pile is a mixture of '94 and '92 external engine parts, '94 wiring harness, and a few unuseable parts.
The '94 engine is a california emissions unit with 70xxx miles going into this 197xxx mile Camry. Cool.

I'll be driving the car for a few days making sure its OK, and flushing the radiator... and soakin' up the A/C.

BTW, the white(ish) AWD BT6 Mazda in the background also has A/C now :D
And I'm told it (The Mazda) has been nicknamed by the rally crossers based on the sound it makes. "White Whine" or "Cardonnay" {it sounds like a dentist's drill when you hammer the throttle [different from throttle the hammer{?}]).
([{}]) phbbbt!