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Here's some pics of the late Sparky.
Dreya got sandwiched between a pair of SUVs... hit in back and pushed forward.
She seems OK, just a little sore still.

That happened about 2 weeks ago.

I guess some other blogable stuff happened... I just keep thinking about that.
So, what else...
worked on the 'bird...
duckapus is done... back feet and spade tail attached...
... G's dragon is repaired and returned.
Brian's truck is here for more work (Truckasaurus).
And other stuff going on that might get posted...... Pantera, Cougar....

I was out at Robin's last week to do a clutch on one of the CRXs in her fleet. I don't care to work in dirt, but that's all she's got. I guess i'm spoiled. This wasn't just any dirt though, it was genuine tiger manure (~10yrs old). Best dirt ever. Really. It made me want to plant stuff.