flat ridin' miata

I changed the anti-sway bars on David's Miata on Sunday.
I totally forgot he was coming over until he started ringin' the doorbell.
"Just a bible salesman... more sleep." I mumbled groggily to the Dreya.
"No, you have to work on cars." said she.
She was right.

It didn't take long to swap out the bars. He's supposed to be bringing me a jack and stands as a barter for it. He hasn't yet. It corners flatter than 4F feet. We took some sharp turns at high speed for a test. Very good.

I swapped out the left side ball joints on Brian's truck... I still haven't finished that... I brought home my torque wrench and the right socket to get it done, but I've been trying to work on Andrew's Camry. I got it partially apart but it keeps getting dark outside. I took some pics of stuffs but i can't find my camera right now. I'll post a pic anyway. Did i mention that Andrew's radiator is full of what looks like butter?