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May 15, 2007

flat ridin' miata

I changed the anti-sway bars on David's Miata on Sunday.
I totally forgot he was coming over until he started ringin' the doorbell.
"Just a bible salesman... more sleep." I mumbled groggily to the Dreya.
"No, you have to work on cars." said she.
She was right.

It didn't take long to swap out the bars. He's supposed to be bringing me a jack and stands as a barter for it. He hasn't yet. It corners flatter than 4F feet. We took some sharp turns at high speed for a test. Very good.

I swapped out the left side ball joints on Brian's truck... I still haven't finished that... I brought home my torque wrench and the right socket to get it done, but I've been trying to work on Andrew's Camry. I got it partially apart but it keeps getting dark outside. I took some pics of stuffs but i can't find my camera right now. I'll post a pic anyway. Did i mention that Andrew's radiator is full of what looks like butter?

May 9, 2007


I got a job. It might work out.
Suddenly I have more homework than I can handle.
Andrew's car's broken.
Brian's truck needs front end, steering, and transmission work.
David wants bigger sway bars on his miata.
Robin has plenty of work and wants to trade labor for CRX's... exciting!
George wants to barter auto labor for small plane travel. If I do that, anyone wanting to trade $$ for flights let me know. www.flywithgeorge.com
And Geneva's truck needs work...

I just did work on a couple Mecedes for the jorb, plus a bunch of other work... couple dodges, jeeps, etc. Only one lift and two bays, 4 cars at a time, two mechanics. I bought a 30" jack to tide me over until we get another lift. I need some 30" stands for it though. Lift is coming in a few weeks.
European cars seem to be their forte. Ugh. The M-B SL coupe i worked on today looks awesome from the outside, and rides good, but has no blindspot visibility while driving or backing. The cruise control I consider to be dangerously close to the blinker... oops i set and then resumed 50mph instead of indicating turns. I wasn't even wanting cruise. wanted blinkers both times. 2nd turn scared the helloutame... vroom! Junk. On Seans Lincoln (which I also dont enjoy) the worst mistake i make is that I spray washer fluid.

One dealership we work with sells jeeps too. I don't like'm, but at least i know'm. Labor intensive.

maybe i wont sell my bird after all.

I'll try to bring my camera. It's just so hecktic.k

I has a picture after the jump.

May 2, 2007


Here's some pics of the late Sparky.
Dreya got sandwiched between a pair of SUVs... hit in back and pushed forward.
She seems OK, just a little sore still.

That happened about 2 weeks ago.

I guess some other blogable stuff happened... I just keep thinking about that.
So, what else...
worked on the 'bird...
duckapus is done... back feet and spade tail attached...
... G's dragon is repaired and returned.
Brian's truck is here for more work (Truckasaurus).
And other stuff going on that might get posted...... Pantera, Cougar....

I was out at Robin's last week to do a clutch on one of the CRXs in her fleet. I don't care to work in dirt, but that's all she's got. I guess i'm spoiled. This wasn't just any dirt though, it was genuine tiger manure (~10yrs old). Best dirt ever. Really. It made me want to plant stuff.