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April 12, 2007


I can't imagine why this truck blew a head gasket.

I changed the head gaskets last week. Several gallons of brown chunky pudding came out then.
I had to redo the valve seals and set the timing today, plus i worked on the brakes.

I flushed the rad on and off all day before it came out mostly clear all the time... maybe 3hrs total of just flushing... so, what, a few hundred gallons of water went through this thing? I bet it all turns brown again pretty quick too... sigh. Nothing a few more day long flushes won't take care of.
I wonder what color the rust water will turn the Hydrangea this year.


April 10, 2007


That's plural ;-)
This is the 3rd 2006 Miata I've had in for lowering springs. This one was black, and the springs were from MAZDASPEEDTM instead of EIBACHTM, and were red.

Dave was right pleasant to have around. He even let me drill two holes in his trunk for his new cargo net.

And he took the old springs away, as i already have 2 full sets (8 springs) to make something out of... but what?

Actually this is the 4th newish Miata i've worked on. Eric's Dad's needed an O2 sensor. I guess I never posted about it. I took out the front driver's seat to get a better angle on the wires. Kids these days... I mean Kars... nevermind.
I think it was a tad older than these 06s though, before they changed the body again.

Dave took some pics of today's project. Maybe he'll send them to me.
This time I'll host them here.
I found out Steve's red Miata picture links are expired :-(

Bonus belated Easter Pic

April 9, 2007


I did some work to Carlota's GTX today... clutch and front brakes.
couple pics...


burninated clutch