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spun bearing

I went to inspect and repack the rear wheel bearings on Dreya's Lebaron the other day. The right outer bearing showed signs of wear so we replaced it. The outer race was gray and striped (precursor to pitting) and the bearing cage was rustified.
The left rear had a lot of play (loose) which i attributed to adjustment. The bearings looked OK, but then i realized the inner race was spinning in the hub. I can't get the looseness out of the bearings w/o replacing the hub. It's been like that for a while and the bearings still look good, so i don't think it's a saftey concern yet, but it can still cause tire wear problems. I'm looking out for an inexpensive used hub for it. It may be the cause of the rumbly noise i hear sometimes. The track bar had a loose bolt too. i tightened it.