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redneck (corvette summer II)

my neck is red.
my face is brownish red.
my left arm is tan and freckled.
the rest of me is still pretty pasty.
and i lost my beard somewhere.

the corvette is done! Yayyy!

i had to do a lot of work to get the runout to less than .005" on the rotors, and i had issues with seized front line fittings, a hose leak, and forgetting to adjust the parking brake shoes, but it's done! DONE!

tomorrow i pick up sean from the airport... in Miami... before the superbowl.
I still need to change the oil on his lincoln. It tells me so when i drive it to roy's house to work on the 'vette. Today it also told me the fuel was low. I knew that. I guess I need to change the oil and add fuel tomorrow before i leave. Yuck.

oh, BTW, in my previous entry i said "I've ben working on this car since tuesday." That's not right. The parts came in tuesday. I started work wednesday after diagnosing and ordering parts sunday. It just seems like it ben longer ;)

stay warm