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corvette summer

This 'vette is kickin' my ass.
Where's Mark Hamill when you need him?

I spent most of the day drilling out rotor rivets.
I've ben working on this car since tuesday.
I wish i had my shop press.
and some other stuff.
I still have one wheel to finish.
Plus i have to go around and make sure the rotor runout is in spec for all 4 wheels.

but at least i got to smack myself in the knee with an 8oz hammer.
i mean ow.

The parts from VB&P are very shiny. Sorry, no pics.
it is a white 1977 corvette.
It had 3 leaking calipers and the rear rotors were junk.
We are doing all 4 rotors, calipers, master cylinder, hoses, and rear steel lines.
The VB&P caliper seals are redesigned to help prevent future leaks, and their cylinders are stainless sleeved to prevent rust.

I also saved Roy's snail. He didn't know he had a snail. O.Gogh (the snail) was living on the left rear brake, trying to grow his shell back after it cracked the last time the car moved. He now lives in a shrubbery. Oscar is about the diameter of a dollar (Sacagawea or Susan B.)

booo ;)
i just call him Ogo.