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I helped vern pick up a 1969 mercury Marauder X100 today.
Here are the pics as they appeared on craigslist:

This was my first adventure with hauling the trailer myself. It was cold. Ice formed all over the marauder and the van. Luckily we got the car onto the trailer before the worst of it. It wasn't easy though. Sometimes i even impress myself.

The car has been sitting in that field for a good 5yrs, and had 4 flats and a locked brake drum. With lots of help, i managed to unfreeze the brake... or rather, disassemble it, and we put 4 wheels on the car, none of which fit. The rears were some of Sean's old cougar wheels. They almost fit the back. They fit enough for haulin'. They wouldn't fit the front (drum brake wheels, disc brake car).

We had some FWD rims with a similar bolt pattern but they wouldn't fit over the brake calipers. No prob, take off the calipers and brackets. Crap, still wont go on far enough to start the lugs. We put the rims on the car wrong-side-out, and managed 2 lug nuts per wheel. Hooray. Drag it on the trailer and cruise on back in the freezing rain.
Each and every wheel was a major ordeal, partially because the car was sitting with the frame an inch off the mud. And the front mag rims were seized onto the hubs. The rear rims were steel, so they weren't seized, but we still had to jack up each corner in stages.

OK, so... we had a car with zero brakes to roll back off the trailer once at our destination. You may think this could be another big problem. Well, the car would hardly would roll anyway, so no brakes wasn't a big deal. Phew.
It's off the trailer and at the shop where Vern and co. do Derby car and other work.

In spite of all the problems i mentioned, it's a very nice car with little detectable rust, and he found all 4 of the original mag rims for it. The brakes are a snap to fix. I really like the car. I just wish fuel was cheaper. and less polluting....