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December 27, 2006


December 7, 2006

dead batteries

sorry it's been so long.
It's not that i haven't been working on cars. In fact, i just put some driveshafts in another honda today.

My camera batteries went dead, and posts just aren't as good without pics.

I still don't have any pics. I have some "new" batteries but they're not woking. I'll sneak a pic in at the end anyway.

Let's see, what's been going on in the Korb automotive world.....

Sean's peppering the garage floor with Austin rust, getting it ready for the rotisserie.

I put a performance head and cam on my firebird but had to take the cam back off. When it's all done i'll have a separate post maybe.

I helped Ant put front brakes on Mr. Hankey. They squeak now. They were only worn out before. If they don't quit squeaking I'll show him how to chamfer the pads. Hondas like that.

I traveled out to Hillsborough a few days ago to put a starter on a Toyota. That was fun. Jack stands on dirt driveways are always exciting. Geneva filled up the Mazda tank and fed me steak for that... and still wants to pay me money. What can I say?

I'm sure more stuff happened since my last post too.
Vw wheel bearing was one thing... that was fun. Who puts a 12 point nut on a wheel spindle? VW! Service hating b@stards. Luckily i had a 12 point socket of a size that worked... like 32mm or thereabouts. Go figure. Thanks dad.

Ummm, so here's a pic I found. I hope you like it.

Kia concept hybrid