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323 frame

I don't know if the 323 is gonna be ready for the race this weekend.
We've been kinda busy, and Sean still wants to get some painting done.
Plus, the new steering knuckle and inner tie rod were only just sent out today via US post.
Sean leaves Thursday morning, with or without the Mazda.

We can get by without the knuckle and rod I think.
I worked on the frame some today.
It broke my 4ton 'portapower' hydraulic ram. What a mess.

I bought a 10ton.
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The frame seems to be moving somewhat in the right direction now, but i wont have time to work on it tomorrow. I'm by no means a frame mechanic with a frame rack anyway.

I welded some stock to the frame in a couple places and am slowly spreading it. It's gonna be as close as I can get it, which hopefully is closer than what the last guys got after the accident. It measured about 1/2" back from where it was supposed to be... near as we'uns could figure ;)
I've got it pretty near now I think.

Sean has wednesday off, so if we can both clean up the car enough for some paint, AND get the engine and transmission back in, it might be OK to go.