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Mom's Civic

The Mazda runs... barely. The fuel system is full of tar from old gasoline. I didn't say it runs well.
The ant infestation seems to be dissapating though.
It has a two part fuel tank for balance, and thus 2 fuel pumps. Ugh.
The main tank has old gas.
The secondary tank fuel appears even older... cloudy, and mixed with solvent... or some sort of injector cleaner which never made it to the main tank. The transfer pump is inoperable at this time.

Even so, somehow the 323 has earned an exhalted space in the garage, displacing the Pantera.
I can think of quite a few reasons why it's in there actually.
I just feel bad that the Pantera is outside braving the piercing trees, plagues of birds, cats, squirrels, and of course, the recently arising daubers looking for a home.

Mom's here. She got here Thursday afternoon.
Sean set up a canopy for me to keep the sun off.
We ate yummy at E&A's.

I spent Friday getting ready to reseal her engine so she could quit being embarassed by oil spots.
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Sean helped quite a bit to get things rolling for Saturday.
Saturday (August 5th) is Antny's birthday.
He may spend it with me doing my bidding ;)
He'll help me to get my mom's engine resealed and back in.
Very mechanically inlined that man is.
I'd like to have it running again by tomorrow night or Sunday day.