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we dont need no stinkin' wires

Man that buick had a lot of wire!
Luckily, it was built before the computer did much more than moniter the systems and adjust timing and mixture. We need neither for a Derby Car!

We removed all of the air conditioning and heater parts, to get rid of the big plastic box next to the hot engine. View image

Sean cut and welded in a metal "A/C delete plate", made from an old home heater box, to cover up the HUGE hole in the firewall. View image

I removed about a mile of wiring, the fuse box, the computer, and all wires not directly related to starting, running, and charging.
The battery still needs relocated to the inside, so the 2 wires for that, and 1 for the alternator are still in place.

The rest of the monster wiring from hell (I missed my chance to take a picture of the harness which took up an entire full sized garbage bag) got reduced to four wires. YAYYY!

I have 2 power wires coming from B+ on the starter to two switches inside. Sean bought a light switch for about 40ยข which is hooked up to one, then to the ignition system. The other power wire is connected to a momentary switch i conned Sam out of a while back, and goes to the starter solenoid. The switches are in a box next to the driver. Cool. View image

Flip switch on, press button, drive car.
The original ign switch was removed, and the steering lock welded in the unlocked position.
And it works! even cooler.
14+volts once reve'd for those in 'the know'

Lots of other stuff was going on which i wasn't so involved in. Vern was doing all sorts of things all over, and started on learning how to use the mig welder.
Right now, he's outside doing a little painting. View image

oh, here's where the fuse box was... View image
now it's another hole in the firewall, though small this time.

I'm having a few bumper stickers made up. Vern might run this one if it comes out well: