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Vic came over with volvo problems.
The 'check engine' light was on, and the 'upshift' light was flashing... weird because it has an automatic transmission.
It had given her some acceleration problems, which seemed to have gone away... maybe bad gas?

Anyway, both lights went off after I disconnected/reconnected the battery. It ran and shifted fine. The trans fluid looks like it needs changed.

The engine light came on again.

I got to use Sean's OBDII tester, which his friend made. It didn't work well on the Volvo. It wont work at all on Fords. It works well on many other cars though.
On this Volvo, the code would clear itself before I could scroll down to find out what was causing it. The tester was showing eratic readings. After clearing the code a few times with the tester though, the light quit coming back.

So I don't know why it was lit. prob'ly a misfire code.
If it comes back on, i told her to go to Autozone where they have a more reliable tester.
They can tell her the code, and then i can try to figure out why it set.
They wouldn't test it before because it's pre 96, and so they assume their tester wont hook up to the diagnostic link.
I told her to correct them, or tell them it's a 96 until they get the tester plugged in.

In 1996 the On Board Diagnostic link was made uniform for all cars, mandatory (OBD II). Volvo started in 1994. Victoria's is a 95.

The older (OBD I) cars all have different diagnostic links, so the testing equipment is more expensive.... you need a cabinet full of wires if you want to be able to test more than one year/make/model. Most places don't have that equipment, or charge to use it.
I used to use a Snap-On tester which cost the shop owner about $1500 for the tester, plus about $45 per connector. We had maybe 15 connectors for the most common models at the time. I don't work there anymore though. On some of those cars you can read the codes through a series of blinks of the CEL/MIL, if you know how to get it to blink.
Your basic OBDII tester costs maybe $150 and works on ALL post96 cars, and apparently post94 volvos.
The tester I have here was free. It wont communicate well with some cars :(