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super wireless happy lucky fun time

not much but an engrish.com style title, courtesy of the awsome sean korb, aka spkorb.

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting weekend news.

We did some derby car work. Vern came over on saturday. Sean and Vern worked on a bunch of stufff.
I recall Sean, bumper shocks, shop press, and plasma cutter, but it gets alittle fuzzy. There was much painting done before I woke up, and plenty of other important details left to the driver.

i was a little tired and greasy after fixing an engine mount.... yes fixing, not replacing... sort of fixing anyway...
A broken mount is to be replaced normally, but under derby contract, it must be fixed. No pics, sorry.
Sandwiched between two metal plates is a piece of rubber. The assembly is considered a mount. It was broken. The rubber and metal bond separated long ago, and upon acceleration the durn engine lifted about 4 inches from the driver's side.

I took a lesson from my bro, and "fixed" it. A hole drilled through all 3 parts with a carrriage bolt to hold them was the trick. Yayyyy!

The little V6 still has no power, but it'll stay in place.

Then I got Vern hooked on the air tools.
He'd been doing grunt work by hand before. Now he waits around for the air line to free up. Good thing 'cause it's hot enough to fry cancer cells out here. i know I feel better.
he took out both inner fenders and quite a bit of other things. You can see the wheels from the engine compartment now. We'll maybe have some pics sometime.

So that was Saturday.

Sunday Sean braced up the Austin so it can hold up to being lifted and spun on a rotisserie.
He cut some square stock out and shaped it to fit where the doors were, and we spent a little time drilling holes to bolt them in between the door jambs. The holes will need filled back in later.
Now I have no fear to lift the body up over the drivetrain to remove the latter. Personally, I thought the Austin's chassis was plenty stiff anyway, even given the rust, but it's better to be safe.
Sean had an Italian convertable fold up on him once in similar circumstance. He was only twelve though... must've scarred him for life ;)

....... oh yeah, we got the wireless internet now too :)
more Sunday Sean Initiative.