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Pher and i changed her clutch today.
93 Nissan pickup 4cy.
Pher took lots of pics.

Me getting started, searching for tiny sockets.
We got the transmission out.

I checked out the clutch plate. It was same as most worn out clutches. The engine side was kinda OK. The transission side was shot down to the rivets.
The 2 parts in the pic are replaced, plus others.

There was icky stuff everywhere. it looked to me like the rear main seal was shot. It was cheap and available, so we replaced it. While the flywheel was out, i polished it. I saw no need to pay to have it turned or replaced, and have had no problems doing it this way.

The pilot bushing came out without issue... cool.

Pher took a pic of me staring blankly at the new clutch plate hanging off the installation tool (came with kit). I'd shave my head if it wasn't so lumpy ;)

It started raining after lunch. I got the trans back in, but my legs got soaked so we took a break before finishing up. Pher enjoyed thoroughly Sean's new big screen projector, watching both Futurama, and Venture Brothers :).

The rain let up and we got it all back together. After much issue with flushing the clutch hydraulic fluid, it was time to let it down.

The clutch is way better. Pher took a sec to get used to it again. oops.