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Every once in a great while things get too out of hand and i can't find any more tools.
I was once extremely organized with my tools, believe it or not.
Anyway, now i'm not.
In fact, I somehow lost a complete cased 1/2" drive tool set sometime in the past few years.

Soooo, unrelated... I have a spring job coming tomorrow.


mmm actuallly.... OK truthfully,
'cause i like ya....
I need to be very organized in a couple weeks for when i pull the Honda engine,
so i started today.
Last saturday i coudn't even dig out air tools it was so bad.

This's for my Mom.

I set many sockets on one cart, and one small set of wrenches on another. Maybe this way they'll stay semi-organized.... doubt it.

I'm about halfway there... maybe only almost halfway.