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Infestation liquidation

Oh it was horrid. I have the interior out of the car. The ants seemed to like the driver's foot area, blanketing it. There's also still some mud daubers about. I don't mind them so much as i wish they'd just find another home. I guess I have to kill them.
Ha Ha! ....
... i mean
poor little daubers.

I cleaned the first story of grime off. There seem to be several stories. I pinched one of Sean's Fickerpics showing the snail/slug-trails. The trails are the semi-clean squiggly do-dads.

I got rid of the squiggles.
The white single stage paint allowed for that. There's still small units of slurm dark matter attached to the metal though.

The car needs sanded, disassembled, cleaned, sanded, painted... and sanded.... and painted. Oh, and reassembled somewhere in there. And sanded and painted.

It's pretty straight though.

It was hit real hard once. The driver's door was once on a red car. There's some window glass under the carpet too.
The driver's door jamb is cracked.
The lower door sill is cracked and starting to rust at the crack.
The personally interpreted paperwork says the left side lower unibody-frame-rail is pushed back about 1/8" (cross caster is off causing an alignment pull).

i hope to fix all of that. I haven't used my portable frame press in a long time.... hope it still works.
Welder works anyway, and so does my slide hammer :)

So, it sure looks better.
Nice and clean-ish.
Sean laid out some ant killing powder.
The ants like it and bring it home, killing them all.
Ha Ha!
poor little ants.